Small form factor systems are in vogue. Gone are the days when micro-ATX systems meant budget oriented and stripped-down versions of ATX mainboards. Manufacturers now offer feature rich motherboards supporting heavy overclocking and some of them, surprisingly, even support multi-GPU solutions. Designing on a limited space and packing in all the extras takes a lot more effort than people think. Choosing which of the high-end enthusiast features to keep and which ones the mainboard can do without could be the difference between a successful product and one that will languish in obscurity.



To execute that plan properly, experience is very important. ASUS is a company that Wall Street Journal Asia ranked number one in terms of service and quality. More importantly, they have designed and sold more motherboards than any manufacturer in the world. If there is a company that can design a product well and aim it properly at a target demographic, it is ASUS. ASUS is no stranger to enthusiast level micro-ATX mainboards; in fact they have produced some of their “Republic of Gamers” enthusiast motherboards in mATX form factor. Technology is constantly changing and new motherboards are cropping up for Intel’s latest P67 chipset. Rest assured, ASUS is there to show everyone why they are on top with their new micro-ATX P67 chipset based mainboard.


The ASUS P8P67-M Pro is a feature-packed micro-ATX motherboard. The ASUS P8P67-M Pro supports SLI and Crossfire in dual x8/x8 mode as well as a host of overclocking features. The ASUS P8P67-M Pro has 100% High-quality Conductive Polymer Capacitors and a unique curved fanless heatsink design over the chipsets, delivering excellent thermal efficiency and stability when overclocking. Aside from the natively supported pair of SATA 6.0 Gb/s ports, the ASUS P8P67-M Pro has one additional internal and external SATA 6.0 Gb/s port. The ASUS P8P67-M Pro also has four USB 3.0 ports added via a dedicated chipset, delivering up to 4.8 Gbps transfer rate.