It’s that time of year again when we honor that special woman in our lives for Mother’s Day. I feel that it’s only fitting that as this Mother’s Day has just passed, we should honor this day by reviewing the center of our computer’s world, the motherboard. Much like the mothers in our lives, the motherboard is often overlooked and under appreciated for all that it does, falling in the shadow of the CPU and the graphics card, who always seem to steal away the limelight. This key component known as the motherboard, much like our mothers, is the key component in both of our worlds that pulls everything, and everyone, together to work in harmony. So in sticking with the tradition of Mother’s Day, I would like to introduce the motherboard to be honored this Mother’s Day.


Asus has been producing outstanding hardware components for many years, and has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology. Their motherboards have been favorites among enthusiasts, builders, and users for several years. Asus has always been on the cutting edge of hardware technology and with the coming of the new AM3 socket AMD chips, a revival is coming with their older, less expensive motherboards and new reverse compatibility BIOS updates.


The Asus M3A78-T motherboard packs into its board many useful features for just about any mainstream user. The Asus M3A78-T accommodates AMD AM2/AM2+ socket CPUs with reverse compatibility. The Asus M3A78-T features the AMD 790GX chipset with integrated graphics, support for CrossFireX technology, and DDR2 memory support. The Asus M3A78-T has a very user friendly layout with all the features expected of modern motherboards, with upgradability on a budget in mind.