We have all seen the rise in DDR3 RAM for a while now, and knew that it was going to be the future of memory’s next great step. DDR2 has been around for a while and the increased performance of the newer DDR3 RAM is undeniable. Now that the price is coming down on such memory and it is making its way into more mainstream computers, the time to adopt this memory technology is now. AMD, who has made it no secret that their primary target is the mainstream consumer, has seen this upcoming shift and has developed the AM3 socket to update the Dragon platform for memory control of DDR3 RAM. This progression has left the motherboard companies with only two options, make use of the reverse compatibility of the AM3/AM2+ socket and utilize DDR2 RAM technology, or design new DDR3 based boards for use exclusively by the AM3 socket CPU. As can be seen in other reviews of reverse compatibility, the DDR2 boards are not becoming obsolete anytime soon, but for those like myself, who are always looking to keep their systems up to date with the newest technology, we will need to begin the search for a new AM3 DDR3 motherboard.


It seems now that all of the major motherboard manufacturers have designed their own versions of boards for exclusive AM3 CPUs that utilize the newer DDR3 memory, leaving you with a plethora of selections to choose from. Many of the specs are similar and the chipsets all seem like they are the same, leaving many in a state of confusion. To help pick through the mess, I am going to introduce the top of the line AMD board from a very reputable name in the computer industry, Gigabyte.



The Gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P features AM3 dedicated technology based on the 790FX chipset. The Gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P utilizes the DDR3 memory that the AM3 was designed around. The Gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P also features the Ultra Durable 3 technology that has brought Gigabyte to the forefront in high performing, durable hardware components. With the addition of dual bios, smart backup, energy saver software, and 2GB LAN onboard, the flagship AMD board definitely leaves a lasting impressions on paper with expectations high for good performance.