Budget conscious? Many of us are, even though our leaders claim that the economy has made a full recovery. Funny, but I haven’t had a raise in 5 years due to the recession/depression that still seems to be looming over everyone despite what our illustrious leaders claim. I actually blame the demise of the desktop and rise of the tablet on the economy. Consumers would love to think that their purchase is going to last forever but that is fiction. Nothing lasts forever and nothing is truly future proof. Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers of mobile products would like you to believe this since, everything mobile requires cloud storage to save anything. This leads the average consumer to believe their product is future proof because if it could be shared on multiple devices, since it’s somewhere out in cyberspace, there is no need to save documents on a hard drive. Answer this question, then why do Apple, Samsung and the others have to keep on producing stronger products every 6 months to a year? Doesn’t future proof mean a lifetime?

MSI Z87-G41 PC Mate Motherboard and Box


Suddenly, a $600.00 desktop computer seems to be too expensive, but is it? Most consumers replace their desktop computers every five years. When broken down, the cost of owning a desktop is only $120.00 a year. After a little internet searching, it seems that most people who have purchased a tablet or smart phone in the last three years have replaced theirs 1.25 times. Considering the cost of a tablet and a smart phone, as well as a data service plan or a phone commitment, these items over the course of five years is about quadruple what a desktop computer will cost. Wait, there is more, how about the lack of secure storage of your personal documents that only a hard drive can provide. Don't think because Google tells you your documents are safe, that a hacker isn't trying to crack their firewall right now. Truth is, you can still build a desktop computer with inexpensive parts and get more for your money in the long run.

MSI Z87-G41 PC Mate Motherboard


The MSI Z87-G41 motherboard is inexpensive but doesn't skimp on quality. The Z87-G41 PC Mate Motherboard may only be a piece of the puzzle, when building a custom inexpensive desktop, but it comes with features that are found on MSI's gamer and enthusiast class motherboards. The MSI Z87-G41 comes with Click (UEFI) BIOS, three onboard display outputs for multiple monitors, PCI Express Gen 3 (Crossfire Capable), OC Genie 4, and has 4K UHD support. Something you would not expect on a budget board is Military Class components. The MSI Z87-G41 PC Mate comes standard with MSI's Military Class 4 components, which include Dark chokes and solid caps for added stability. With Military Class 4 comes the benefits of Humidity, ESD, EMI and High Temperature protection. Finally, with Super RAID software you can set up your own array in a Windows environment.