When you're building a budget computer, or a even a HTPC, what are you really looking for when you choose a motherboard? Something that's small, affordable, and has a little bit of room to expand. Usually when you are building these types of computers, they may be for a relative or friend that just needs something to get their usual tasks done. Guess what ends up happening a month later? They start to get interested in computers and want more. You probably pulled them out from the dinosaur age into the reality of today's computing power.



Support for older components isn't going to last forever and with the advancement of programs and technologies, it is imperative that you try to keep up to date with your system, if you are starting from scratch. Why? Well just look at what happened when Windows Vista was released. People found out that their computer systems weren't up to the task of handling everything that came with the new operating system. What ended up happening is they stuck with their old systems and Windows XP, but Windows XP support is going to run out soon.


The EVGA H55V motherboard is a small and affordable option. The EVGA H55V comes equipped with the new Intel H55 Express chipset  that can keep up with the demands of today. The H55V also supports up to 1333MHz DRAM and many of the current 1156 socket Intel processors. The EVGA H55V is the perfect solution for fast performance, vibrant media and a great Windows 7 experience.