ASUS Z87-A Motherboard Review

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I have always been into James Bond movies, and they have certainly had their variation from awesome to flops, but one of my favorites continues to be Gold Finger. In the movie, 007 works to uncover and foil a plot to damage the gold supply in Fort Knox. There are a lot of arguments to be made about who is the best Bond actor and in this particular case Bond was played by Sean Connery. In every Bond film he had been a true gentleman and had a brawler style when fighting. In my opinion, he definitely is one of the best 007’s to date.

ASUS Z87-A Motherboard


The newer Bond movies definitely have a lot more special effects and explosions in them, but the special effects are meaningless without a decent actor. Thankfully, the series of James Bond movies has found another gentleman with that same brawler style in Daniel Craig. Just like enjoying a movie, when you take a look at a product, the first thing you notice is how good it looks, secondly you look at the features, but you don't really know how it performs until you try it out.

ASUS Z87-A Motherboard


The ASUS Z87-A is a standard ATX motherboard for the 4th generation Intel Core processors (LGA1150) and is priced for the mainstream crowd. However, ASUS includes many high end features with the Z87-A motherboard. Features include the Digi+ VRM 8-phase power design with dual intelligent processors for energy efficiency and performance, support for DDR3 2800 memory, and a Mini DisplayPort. Expansion slots include three PCIe x16 slots with support for multi-GPU systems and two PCIe x1 slots. Six SATA 6Gb/s ports are available that all support RAID for your storage needs, along with six USB 3.0 ports (4 on the back panel, 2 from internal header), and eight USB 2.0 ports (2 on the back panel, 6 from internal headers).