Don’t you hate when you hear a misquoted song lyric and, regardless of learning the actual lyric, you can never get the misquoted lyric out of your head? This, naturally, does not apply to any interpretation of “In-A-Gadd Da Vida”, since the title itself is a phonetic of what it appeared was being said…..LSD is a powerful drug, just ask the lead vocalist. Sometimes it’s just the power of suggestion. Even the “Family Guy” theme song had a moment of outrage over Stewie saying “laugh and cry” being misinterpreted. As Seth MacFarlane pointed out, the misheard “****in’ cry” doesn’t even make the least bit of sense.



So, really it’s the power of suggestion, at times, that stays with you. One of the things readily confused is “server class” or “enterprise class”. I can’t tell you how many people I personally know who immediately assume these words equate to faster performance and added features. It never dawns on them that servers require durability and reliability far more than speed or the ability to run quad-SLI. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a mail server that required great 3-D performance? However, there are many parts of this class that have gained infamy in the OC and gaming worlds due to the fact that they have top notch performance while remaining “bullet-proof”. It’s only natural that motherboard components designed to stand up to power spikes, frequent hardware changes and 24/7 operation are naturals to stand up to the rigors of overclocking and extended gaming sessions. You may have to give up a couple of bells and whistles, but you are rewarded with rock solid performance.

The ASUS TUF series of motherboards is renowned for their durability and performance, and will be getting a new entry with the ASUS Z77 TUF Sabertooth motherboard. Though the features and construction of the Sabertooth boards has long been built around the most demanding environments, the Z77 Sabertooth is certainly not short on features and performance capabilities and has become a favorite of enthusiasts and gamers. As with all recent TUF motherboards, the Z77 Sabertooth comes fully tested from the factory, right down to each military class component, and comes with a full five-year warranty to back it up. The look of the Z77 Sabertooth is quite distinct, and certainly has the appearance of durability far beyond the average motherboard. At first look, the dust cover and Thermal Shield let you know that the Z77 Sabertooth means business. However, they are not merely decorative and serve not only to protect the underlying components from everyday dust and possible knocks, but also have a dual fan system to channel air over the motherboard’s components. To ensure that the operating environment is as it should be, Thermal Radar provides four points of temperature readings on the board rather than the customary single sensor. The underlying components are certainly up for some serious overclocking, featuring a TUF Power 8+4+2 Digital Phase Power Design to get your CPU, iGPU and RAM all of the power they can handle, along with precise control to optimize each phase of your power. For high end discreet graphics, the Sabertooth features 2 PCIe x16 Gen3 slots plus a third x16 Gen2 slot for up to 3-way SLI or CrossfireX. Connectivity is not in short supply, with the Z77 Sabertooth sporting 4 SATAIII, 4 SATA II, 6 USB 3.0, 10 USB 2.0 and 2 eSATA 6GB/s connectors. For added USB 3.0 speed, the Sabertooth takes advantage of ASUS’ USB 3.0 Boost, making use of the new UASP protocol, as well as Intel’s Turbo USB. On the entertainment end, the Sabertooth has both HDMI and Display Port for iGPU video, and 8 channel audio with optional optical output.