ASUS' goal with the foundation of the Republic of Gamers line in 2006 is clear and virtually unchanged, even today. The brand has expanded beyond mainboards into peripherals and gaming laptops, but the approach toward motherboard design remains the same. Dedicated to the enthusiast community, that are primarily concerned about gaming and overclocking, ASUS introduces a lot of innovative features on the Republic of Gamers boards that are often imitated by competitors. We have even seen other mainboard manufacturers copy the heatsink design, as if that was the reason enthusiasts have embraced the brand.

ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Motherboard



ASUS has also been very careful in adding only features that are necessary and providing options for those who are eager but lacking in funds. It is very easy to believe one's own hype and, thankfully, ASUS has not rested on their laurels, they continue to create and innovate. It is also very easy to focus on marketing easy-to-sell features and clouding enthusiasts with marketing buzzwords, rather than developing technology and taking a chance in trying out new features, like ASUS has done. A motherboard can only look cool when it isn't being used, since it will be mostly covered once you have installed heatsinks, video cards and attached cables anyway. No amount of "aggressive" heatsink design is going to help in overclocking but an intelligently designed mainboard with performance-tuning specific features will make a world of difference.


The Rampage IV Extreme is the top-of-the-line X79 motherboard from ASUS' Republic of Gamers brand. The ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 motherboard is fully compatible with the Intel's LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-E processors, capable of running Quad-SLI natively, as well as providing support for Quad-channel DDR3 speeds up to 2400 MHz and 64GB across eight DIMM slots. Designed for hardcore gamers and extreme overclockers, the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme motherboard exclusively introduces three new features that make extreme performance tuning a lot easier. The OC Key included in the Rampage IV Extreme allows CPU free on-the-fly OSD tweaking, while benchmark programs are running. Combined with the new Subzero sense connectors, users can accurately gauge CPU and GPU temperatures while working with extreme LN2 cooling. Users looking to overvolt their GPUs can also take advantage of the new VGA hotwire feature, which simplifies the process, providing direct monitoring and control through either the OC key, UEFI or via Turbo V EVO on the desktop.