Within the enthusiast community, high end systems are generally aimed at either performance tuners or hardcore gamers. These two camps buy the bulk of high end hardware, as their hobbies often require having the latest and fastest in order to stay ahead of the competition. These two camps are not mutually exclusive, however, in fact there is a large overlap of users who fit both categories. Especially with the increased accessibility and ease of performance tuning, the gap between both sides is constantly shrinking. It is for this very reason that the Republic of Gamers line from ASUS was developed, so new features can be incorporated to address the requirements of enthusiasts.

ASUS Rampage IV Formula Motherboard



The Republic of Gamers line is now several years old and has introduced many useful innovations that have trickled down to ASUS' segment boards and have also been copied by competitors. The Republic of Gamers line has also expanded beyond internal components to peripherals and gaming notebooks, but the RoG motherboard lineup still holds the banner for ASUS, in terms of making waves and setting benchmarks among the enthusiast crowd. With the release of Intel's Sandy Bridge Extreme processors, it is time, once again, for ASUS to show their competitors why the Republic of Gamers line is respected by the enthusiast community by releasing three models that fit various enthusiast needs: Rampage IV Extreme, Rampage IV Gene and the Rampage IV Formula.


The Rampage IV Formula motherboard comes in two versions: a standard edition and one that comes bundled with Battlefield 3. The Rampage IV Formula X79 motherboard uses a standard ATX form-factor, unlike the wider E-ATX Rampage IV Extreme and the shorter Micro-ATX Rampage IV Gene. Like previous Republic of Gamers Rampage lineup motherboards, the Rampage IV Formula is designed for ultimate gaming performance, as well as comfortable extreme overclocking. With the new Extreme Engine DIGI+ II bringing precise fully digital power delivery towards the CPU, memory controller and system memory, the Rampage IV Formula is stable, whether you are using a regular air cooler or you are an LN2 extreme performance tuner. The Rampage IV Formula supports up to Quad-SLI or CrossfireX setups natively and provides superb network performance via Intel LAN plus GameFirst for the ultimate gaming experience.