So how long has it been since you've seen a new Nvidia chipset for an AMD processor based motherboard?  Been a while, hasn’t it? I can remember back with the nForce 700 series on my older Asus motherboard.  When were we going to see a new chipset was something I have been wondering, especially with all of the changes in the Intel camp with the moving of the memory controller to the CPU die.  I have now received my answer and I couldn’t be happier.




Nvidia has released the 980 chipsets for the AMD camp, and by the books, is an impressive chipset that allows excellent integration of Nvidia GPUs with AMD CPUs.  This is an answer to the desire for an improved chipset to work with Nvidia graphics and SLI.  With this addition to the motherboard market, motherboard manufacturing giant, MSI, has picked up the chip and engineered a motherboard around this chipset with their usual attention to detail.



The MSI NF980-G65 is the latest AMD motherboard featuring the Nvidia nForce 980 chipset.  The MSI NF980-G65 is an AM3 ready motherboard giving AMD CPU fans up to date SLI technology.  MSI packed into this new board HDD backup utilities, improved energy saving utilities, as well as onboard DVI/HDMI video output from the onboard Hybrid graphics.