It is time to reclassify, because although enthusiast usually justifies the type of user it doesn’t always justify the class. There are many who classify computer components based on price. Which means that automatically is the price is high it has to be for an enthusiast. Some may classify a component based on performance meaning the better the performance the higher the class. One thing that both have in common are that ninety nine percent of the time performance comes at a price. The major discrepancy, is do you classify a product of high performance and high price as an enthusiast level component? I say no, we should classify these components as performance components then further break them down based on their price point. An enthusiast may crave a high end product based on the performance they obtain while gaming or converting videos and multitasking but what about those who need the performance base on the type of work they do such as CAD or architectural rendering? Are they enthusiasts? I would bet if you asked them the answer would be no. So why do we scare people away from certain products by using the word enthusiast? If you can catch more bees with honey then why not use the word performance, which sounds a lot closer to honey than enthusiast?



On November 14, 2011 ASUS is launching a new line of performance based motherboards which includes different segments of the performance class. There will be three boards which will cover the mainstream they are the P9X79, P9X79 Pro and P9X79 Deluxe each of these boards come with the same core features and additional features are added as you progress in the class. ASUS will also provide motherboards for other segments which include workstation and durability as well as enthusiast class. The ASUS P9X79 Pro is a mainstream performance class motherboard which is priced in between the standard P9X79 and the Deluxe.


The ASUS P9X79 Pro contains the X79 Express chipset and its socket is LGA 2011, built to house the Intel Core i7 SandyBridge Extreme Processors. The P9X79 Pro offers multiple ASUS innovations which you may not find on other X79 motherboards. These include Dual Intelligent Processor 3 for a more reliable power phase control of the CPU and DRAM, ASUS SSD Caching, Intel Gigabit LAN, Bluetooth 3.0 and ASUS AI Suite which allows the user total control of the motherboards settings in an OS based atmosphere. With forty PCI express lanes the ASUS P9X79 Pro motherboard won’t have you suffering for bandwidth when running an SLI or crossfire configuration. The X79 Pro also contains eight DDR3 Quad Channel memory banks and which accommodates up to 64GB of RAM.