Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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In the world of motherboards, there is one name in the market which has been quite synonymous with producing full-featured mini-ITX designs that rival full-sized ATX competitors. It is safe to say that Zotac’s lineup of mini-ITX motherboards is now as popular as their NVIDIA video card lineup. While they offer a full range of all-in-one mini-desktop systems, Zotac’s mini-ITX motherboards are just as diverse with products powered by AMD’s Fusion APUs all the way through the AMD AM3 platform. Zotac also has motherboards that are powered by Intel’s Atom processor and two new motherboards featuring the latest Z68 chipset.


The Z68ITX-B-E is one of two LGA1155 motherboard offerings from Zotac that feature the Intel Z68 chipset in a mini-ITX form factor. The Z68ITX-B-E WiFi Supreme can make use of either the integrated graphics on the 2nd generation Intel processors or the on-board NVIDIA GT 430 graphics chip for display output. Since it has an Intel Z68 chipset, the Zotac Z68ITX WiFi Supreme motherboard is also capable of using Intel’s SSD caching technology and Lucid’s Virtu graphic switching technology. For optimal graphics flexibility at a minimal form-factor, the Zotac Z68ITX-B-E WiFi Supreme motherboard is available for 219.99 USD and comes with a 2-year extended warranty.