Gene Shalit has frizzy hair and a rather large mustache. He is probably best known for serving as the film and book critic of NBC's Today Show for nearly four decades. The ASUS Rampage III GENE is completely follicle free and, despite asking prodding questions, expressed no opinions on literary or celluloid works during my time with it. Gene Simmons of Kiss is the notorious, fake blood spewing, flame breathing, curly (frizzy) haired bass playing epitome of a rock star. His hard partying is legendary, and his amorous exploits could make Casanova jealous. The ASUS Rampage III GENE is apparently without natural musical talent, never behaves outlandishly in public and didn't so much as crack a beer in front of me. Gene Wilder is considered by many to be a comedic genius. Though he is usually known as the crazy, lighthearted, frizzy haired guy, his abilities show great depth in more serious pieces, such as "Willy Wonka". The ASUS Rampage III GENE is totally a method actor and is seriously typecast, only getting nonspeaking roles as a motherboard. The point being, not all GENEs have frizzy hair.



But really, what's in a name? Is the Rampage III GENE actually named after one of these guys? Is it a genetics reference? I really have no idea, though I freely admit that every time I hear the name I wonder about it....did Gene Shalit have a secret life as an mATX motherboard designer? Did Gene Wilder cook this thing up in the lab in "Young Frankenstein"? I'm pretty sure Gene Simmons would have insisted on an Extended ATX sizing were he involved, so I am going to assume he had absolutely nothing to do with it. Then again, I am still wondering if the Republic of Gamers is a former Soviet nation, much like Czechoslovakia.


Despite the lack of hair, the ASUS Rampage III GENE Motherboard is fully loaded with features to make even the most hardcore enthusiasts happy. The ASUS Rampage III GENE is mATX in form factor, but certainly does not let this get in the way of being a full featured LGA 1366 motherboard built around the X58 chipset. The GENE bears ASUS’ “Rampage III” and “Republic of Gamers” tags, and this translates to a wealth of overclocking and tweaking features for the enthusiast. The Rampage III GENE is SLI and Crossfire-X capable for multiple GPU setups for extreme gaming performance even in a small chassis. ROG Connect allows for extreme OC from a remote computer to tweak every ounce of performance from your hardware. ASUS ProBelt allows for easy access to actual hardware voltage readings for all major components in your build. The ASUS Rampage III GENE also features a specially designed AMI BIOS, complete with one touch OC and exclusive ROG profiles for all of your components. With the ASUS Rampage III Gene, micro-ATX does not mean micro-features.