If you're not familiar with NVIDIA, NVIDIA is a prominent manufacturer of graphics processors (GPU), both for desktop and laptop/notebook computing. You can find NVIDIA discrete graphics across many platforms, which include graphics for gaming and even for high performance computing. NVIDIA has used their experience with discrete graphics and includes it in their Tegra 3 processors. The Tegra 3 processor houses a 12 core NVIDIA GeForce GPU, which is capable of delivering a console class gaming experience right on your tablet.

NVIDIA Tegra Zone


With all this experience, NVIDIA has not only created an application (Tegra Zone) to play and find premium Android OS games, but they have developed an SDK to help developers create Tegra optimized games. By allowing developers the option to use the NVIDIA SDK to take advantage of the power the Tegra GPU can render, their games contain more dynamic textures, as well as enhanced physics, shaders, particles, lighting and visually realistic effects, such as water, cloth and environment. At the Tegra Zone, you can find Tegra Optimized games that are either free or for purchase. There are multiple titles and genres to choose from and they are all under one roof. Tegra Zone can be downloaded in Google Play. Screen shots below are taken from Dark Kingdom, first a non Tegra enhanced version and then the Tegra Enhanced version. The visual differences are easily seen and are much more realistic. If you are interested in mobile gaming, don't leave yourself short with a non NVIDIA Tegra tablet. 3D gaming is all about realism and this is where NVIDIA, Tegra Zone and Tegra enhanced games blow away the competition.

Non Tegra

Non Tegra Enhanced



 Tegra Enhanced

Tegra Enhanced