Anyone remember the days of manual memory management? I spent many nights tweaking my EMS settings to get various games working correctly. The process itself was relatively easy. Edit the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files and change a few variable numbers. I was partial to the QEMM program. It served me well until MS-DOS' memmaker in version 6 made life much easier. Those days are long gone. Now, we just pump as much memory as possible into our system and let the OS do all the work.



Kingston is a well established and reputable memory manufacturer in the computer world. They have set the standard in the industry of reliability with memory modules. Their reach spans the whole gambit of memory, from computers to flash cards for music players and cameras. They are arguably number one in the industry. The HyperX line of DDR modules is one of their popular series for gamers. It's known for its lower latencies, high speeds, and excellent prices.


The Kingston HyperX T1 4GB DDR3-2000MHz CL9 240-Pin DIMM Kit is aimed for gamers and professionals. The HyperX T1 DDR3 4GB kit comes with two 2GB modules that pair for dual channel performance. Using the Intel X.M.P. profile, the HyperX T1 can achieve 2000MHz speed. These DIMMs can run with 9-11-9-27 latencies at the 2000MHz speed. The HyperX T1 can also be purchased with the HyperX Fan bundled.