Humanity’s fascination and fear of sharks goes far beyond the depths that a week long television special can explore. As the ocean’s apex predator, sharks can grow upwards of 40 feet and weigh more than two and a half tons. A feeding shark is a sight of blood, gore and viscera but there is also an element of grace in hunting upon closer inspection, which can only be perfected by 400 million years of natural selection. Despite our technological advances, the simple sight of a shark doing what it does best inspires awe and connects us to our atavistic sense of hunting savagery.

Kingston HyperX Predator 2666MHz DDR3



The lives we live now are far removed from that much aggressiveness. Maybe that is why it seems so novel and interesting to see such raw power physically manifested. Humans for the most part, use tools and toys as extensions of themselves and would often projectively identify facets of aggressiveness on things like cars, machinery and even computer components. Even when it comes to naming conventions, “aggressive” titles are attractive to enthusiasts. Problems arise, of course, when marketing departments go overboard and assign aggressive names to non-high-performance parts. If users aren’t careful, they could end up with something that does not perform up to par with their expectations. As a memory manufacturer, Kingston has been careful, honest and appropriate with their naming schemes. For the non-enthusiasts, they have the ValueRam series while for various levels of enthusiasts, they have their HyperX brand. Within HyperX, the Blu series is for entry level users, while the Genesis is for the mid-range with its variety of options.

Kingston HyperX Predator 2666MHz 8GB DDR3 Heatsink


The Kingston Predator DDR3 memory kit represents the current fastest speeds available for HyperX memory modules. The Kingston Predator DDR3 memory kits are Intel XMP certified with rated speeds up to 2666MHz, easily loaded through the BIOS memory profile selection to simplify memory platform performance tuning. Kingston’s HyperX Predator memory kits are also compatible with a wide range of systems including the latest Intel Ivy Bridge Z77 platform, as well as AMD’s FM2 and AM3+ mainboards. Kingston Predator DDR3 kits of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB modules are available with frequency speeds ranging from 1600MHz through 2666 MHz. Kingston has screened the HyperX Predator memory modules and backs them with a confident lifetime warranty, as well as free technical support.