When you hear the term "Redline", what comes to mind? For simpletons, it might just be a plain old red line. However, when it comes to automobiles, the term takes on a new meaning. Redline means the absolute maximum speed that the engine can be pushed without causing damage. If you look at the tachometer (revolution-counter, Tach, rev-counter, RPM gauge) in your car (if you have one), there is a series of red lines at the peak. This is where the manufacturer of that motor has deemed the redline of that engine. For manual transmission cars, the tachometer and knowing the redline are very important. However, for anyone that has only driven automatics, the term "Redline" and seeing a tachometer might be foreign.



Mushkin likes using the term "Redline", as well. However, they apply it to computer technology. Their specialty is flash memory and computer RAM. They have a lineup of memory categorized under the label Redline. This is special high performance memory. They pride themselves on only allowing their Redline series to be the best on the globe in terms of performance or speed. Just like with cars, the Redline series pushes memory speed to the edge.


The Mushkin Redline PC3-12800 (994057) 16GB Quad Pack Memory Kit is no different. The Redline 994057 Quad Kit offers the best performance on the market. The 994057 comes with industry leading 7-7-7-24 timings on a 16GB quad channel kit. Along with the fast timings, the 994057 uses high performance Mushkin Ridgeback heatsinks for the best possible cooling. The Redline Quad kit runs at 1.65v and comes with Mushkin's lifetime warranty. All Mushkin memory is hand tested for ultimate quality assurance.