Not usually my favorite pastime but overhearing conversations between old women during the morning commute to work can sometimes be entertaining. Two ladies were talking about the price of gasoline and how the idea of using premium petrol in our current economy is absurd. Granted, these women are just about Jeremy Clarkson's age but obviously they are not fans or aware of any of his motoring programs. If they were, they'd know that cars with a high-compression engine require high-octane petrol.

VisionTek Red Label DDR3-2133 4x4GB Quad-Channel Memory Kit



The same can be said when it comes to your computer's memory. For most people, DDR3 modules running at the 1333MHz JEDEC standard is more than sufficient, even if they are hardcore gamers. Those who are ardent performance tuners with CPU horsepower to spare, however, can benefit greatly from having fast memory. With the price of DDR3 RAM at an all time low, it is the perfect time for users to try out large capacity and faster memory modules that they have not had the opportunity to experience before.


The VisionTek 4x4GB PC3-17000 quad-channel memory kit is designed for high performance PCs, such as Intel's latest X79 platform. The VisionTek 16GB Ultimate Performance PC3-17000 memory kit runs at 2133 MHz at CL11 timings with 1.65V and is fully XMP capable for convenient profile loading within the UEFI or BIOS. Outfitted with VisionTek's extruded aluminum heatsink, the VisionTek Ultimate Performance 4x4 PC3-17000 CL11 2133MHz memory kit is part of their red label series and comes with a limited lifetime warranty when registered at