As time passes, I find myself relying on QVLs, more and more, when putting together new builds. This would seem to be a pretty fundamental task, but it wasn’t always as big an issue as it is today. There have always been differences in architecture between Intel and AMD, but now we are seeing pronounced differences within the manufacturers, based on the chipsets used. One of the examples that stands out in my mind was many manufacturers adding a “hey, really, this RAM will work with the P55 chipset…guaranteed!”. What was the need for this? Well, basically it was because so much RAM wouldn’t work properly with the chipset. Now we are seeing a good percentage of the RAM released being optimized for a specific platform or chipset. This is not only a compatibility issue, this is about optimizing the RAM for the way it specifically interacts with a given platform.



Many people think it’s all about speed, speed and more speed. That is distinctly not the case.Take AMD’s AM3+ CPUs as an example, and the FX Series in particular. The FX Series supports DDR3-1866, but 1866 is not always the sweet spot for best performance. As we have seen in several tests, the FX Series many times actually runs faster at DDR3-1600 with all settings optimized. Really. This is a case where slower can be faster. DDR3-1600 is absolutely a sweet spot for a 990FX/FX CPU combination, but it is more than simply that. Other parameters need to be tweaked and optimized for absolute performance. The FX990 platform is especially sensitive to many latency and timing characteristics that go above and beyond simple speed to gain its peak performance. So, it would stand to reason that with RAM becoming so specialized the chipset manufacturers would become involved. After a few fits and starts, AMD found the perfect partner in Patriot Memory and have introduced the new AMD Performance Edition Memory, tweaked and optimized to drain every bit of performance from your AMD build.



With the plans now a reality, AMD introduces the Performance Edition DDR3-1600 8GB Memory Kit. Each facet of the AMD Performance Edition DDR3-1600 Memory has been optimized for ultimate performance on AMD systems, and remains Intel compatible, as well. Using Patriot Memory’s manufacturing expertise, AMD Performance Edition Memory uses Locked BOM to ensure the same high quality components go into each and every stick of RAM. AMD Performance Edition DDR3-1600 Memory features tight 8-9-8 timings, and runs on the standard AMD 1.65v. To combat heat issues, an aluminum heat shield is used for dissipation, adorned with the AMD red logo and artwork. As with all Patriot manufactured memory, each stick is 100% tested and verified, with all AMD Performance Edition RAM backed by a Lifetime Warranty.