I remember when I first started building and upgrading computers, RAM was something I paid little attention. When I first started in DOS, I was constantly playing with the MemMaker command and QEMM to optimize my computer for each individual game that I played. Not many had experience, back in the primitive days of memory management. When it came to purchasing RAM, I only bought when I was forced to because of a chipset upgrade. I also went for the inexpensive, bare minimum amount that was necessary. But hey, at this time I was in grade school and made money from babysitting and odd jobs. I could only afford the low end stuff.



I think it was around Windows XP's release when I was working and finally earning good money. This meant that I could keep my system up to date. I was also heavy into gaming, which meant that I needed good components. Back then, the normal amount of RAM in a system was around 256MB. However, I was able to purchase 2GB, and that was quite a bit. Now, we have dual-channel, tri-channel, and quad-channel kits that span all the way up to 64GB. Currently, I've only had my hand in dual channel because I haven't had the pleasure of an Intel Extreme system. However, post CES, I have been upgraded to keep up with the best of them and I can delve into these higher channeled kits.


The Mushkin Blackline PC3-17000 16GB Quad Pack Memory Kit looks to overtake the quad channel enthusiast market. The Blackline PC3-17000 comes with a rated speed of 2133MHz using Intel's XMP profile. Timings are rated at 10-11-10-28 with a voltage of 1.5V. The Blackline kit comes with Mushkin's special FrostByte heatsink for optimal cooling with an elegant appearance. Each kit is hand tested and comes with a lifetime warranty.