Enter the Dragon” has become, over time, probably the most referenced martial arts film in media and American culture. Released in 1973, “Enter the Dragon” was the first martial arts film to be produced by a major Hollywood studio, and was one of the top grossing films of the year, despite the death of star and co-writer Bruce Lee during the film's finalization. That alone should have made it iconic, but there was more behind it. “Enter the Dragon” brought martial arts action to a much wider audience and popularity skyrocketed. Some say that Jackie Chan (who coincidentally worked as a stuntman on the film) became Lee’s successor as martial arts’ leading man, with blockbusters such as the “Rush Hour” films and the incredibly named “Legend of the Drunken Master”. The influence of “Enter the Dragon”, however, was much further reaching, bringing martial arts to the public eye with increased popularity. Even the name of the film spawned dozens of references. Without “Enter the Dragon”, there would be no indie folk band named “Enter the Haggis”.



With the popularity of martial arts came the popularity of computer and video games based on it. Games like “Mortal Kombat” and “Streetfighter” were not only huge successes on the gaming front, but actually had martial arts films spawned from their stories. Nintendo’s early game “Kung-Fu Master” went the full route. The game was based on Jackie Chan’s Japanese film “Wheels on Meals” and later had another film made based on the game. It’s safe to say that martial arts games were, and are, big. They have done a considerable amount in shaping gaming and helping to push forward the gaming experience. As gaming has evolved, we naturally find ourselves needing the best hardware to keep up.


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