Almost all kids from my era were devotees to Japanese monsters while growing up. Naturally, for boys, Godzilla and the like were a really cool concept. Giant mutations emerging out of nowhere to attack Tokyo for no apparent reason. All thanks to those damned Americans and their atomic bombs….. The attraction was easy, dinosaur-like (or some other way prehistoric), fire breathing, destructive but most of all, enormous. Big is very cool when you are a kid. Lots of kids dream of being a giant, but it’s pretty rare you find a kid who answers “what do you want to be when you grow up?” with “smaller than average”.



You look at these films now and they definitely show their age. The special effects may have been close to cutting edge at the time, but today’s average six year old is going to say “hey, that is a guy in a rubber suit….and nobody’s lips match what they are saying”. Yeah, the movies were campy, many of them really badly made, and of even worse conception (“Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster”, anyone?), but they were entertaining and remain so to this day. Godzilla did top out at an astonishing 328 feet tall. Big, very big, and maybe just being big was really all it took for Godzilla. I guess breathing fire-like stuff didn’t hurt too much either.


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