All of the great ones have it. The ability to reach back and deliver just a little more. Johan Santana and Pedro Martinez are two of the best examples of this. Neither was ever considered a “power pitcher”. Both possessed better than average fastballs, but not the best fastballs in the game, and they certainly weren’t among the hardest throwers in the game. They both had excellent movement on the fastballs, but it was always their changeups that made them special. While 100 mph fastballs are cool, most tended to be infinitely more hittable than 76 mph changeups from these two men. When they were on, the best major league hitters flailed away like little leaguers facing them.



Both could spend all day mixing up 92 mph fastballs, high 80s sliders and 76 mph changeups, all from the same arm angle and speed. There was no tip off as to what was coming. When they saw that a hitter was getting the timing down on them, they both had the ability to do the same thing; reach back and deliver a 97 mph fastball with movement. It seemingly came out of nowhere. The fact that they didn’t show it didn’t mean they couldn’t do it, and when they had to, they did. Almost like they were able to overclock at will, and they had a lot more headroom than people typically assumed they did.



Just when you thought you would have to wait until Maxwell to see a performance boost from nVidia, Gigabyte has released the GTX 780 GHz Edition. The Gigabyte GTX 780 GHz Edition takes its name from the largest OC on a GTX 780 available, bumping the base clock to 1019 MHZ with a Boost Clock of a scorching 1071 MHz. More than a simple OC on a reference design, Gigabyte’s ground up approach begins with their Ultra Durable VGA PCB featuring an 8-Phase power design for more precise power delivery. Keeping things cool is a 3X Windforce cooler using Gigabyte’s patented Triangle Cool Technology equipped with two 8mm and four 6mm direct contact heatpipes. The GTX 780 GHz Edition is capable of four simultaneous displays and offers DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort connections. For further tweaks and overclocks, Gigabyte’s OC Guru II software is included. Gigabyte backs the GTX 780 GHz Edition with a 3-year warranty.