Finally we are seeing the “next” generation consoles arriving on the scene. What this means for the PC world is that game developers can finally start optimizing for higher graphics levels and still be able to target multiple audiences. We should see the DirectX 9/10 standards dissipate even more at this point and all future games built using DirectX 11+ standards. I believe that development cycles will also improve since developers will be able to focus on newer technologies without having to make adjustments to make their software run on certain hardware.

PowerColor R9 270X Devil 2GB


There is also a huge advantage to PC gamers, with the fact that both the PS4 and the XBOX One are based on PC hardware. Again, this will make it easier for developers to target all audiences and still make a quality game. So, hopefully, instead of seeing badly ported games, we should see games optimized for high end PCs with options for quality reduction that will be used on the consoles. Overall, though, we are talking about a point where we should see a big jump in graphics potential, so it is a great time to look at new GPUs.

PowerColor R9 270X Devil 2GB Video Card


The PowerColor Radeon R9 270X Devil edition uses a custom three fan cooling solution to achieve a higher overclock from the reference R9 270X. In addition to the three fan design, PowerColor's Radeon R9 270X cooling solution has four heatpipes, a large aluminum fin cooling surface, aluminum shroud, and aluminum backplate. The cooling features, along with the multi-phase Digital PWM, allow for the boost speed of the GPU core to be factory overclocked to 1180MHZ, 130MHz above reference speeds. The R9 270X Devil Edition has 2048MB of GDDR5 memory on a 256-bit memory interface with its speeds set to 1400MHz. The Radeon R9 270X also has support for DirectX 11.2, Mantle, Ultra HD 4K resolutions, and AMD Eyefinity. PowerColor includes a Devil themed mousepad, mini display port adapter, DVI dongle, and a two year warranty.