MSI GTX 660 N660 Gaming 2GD5/OC Video Card Review

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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Shortly after General Motors bought Daewoo's automotive branch, they started making a car in South Korea known as the Kalos. It was successful enough that they decided to bring it to the United States. In 2004, this car became known to many of us as the Chevrolet Aveo. It was designed to be a small and fuel efficient city car. Unfortunately for GM, it quickly earned a reputation as an old lady car and garnered some nicknames such as the "A-gay-o" and the "Pregnant Skateboard". It's nearly impossible for a car's name to shed its stigma. Afterall, the name "Pinto" is still synonymous with exploding gas tanks. There was nothing wrong with the Aveo's design, however, so GM decided that the best course would be to give it a new name, a face lift and a total 180 on the marketing campaign.

MSI GTX 660 N660 Gaming 2GD5/OC


The result is the Chevy Sonic. Anyone who's seen the TV commercials will be familiar with how strongly Chevrolet is pushing this car as hip and sporty. In reality, it's the exact same car that is still being sold as the Aveo in other countries. MicroStar International has used a similar tactic with their Gaming series of video cards. No, there wasn't any stigma with its other video cards to necessitate a rebranding, but their previous line up assumed much consumer knowledge about video card technology. Rebranding their cards with the "Gaming" name tells consumers that it belongs to a class of card designed for people who just want to play games and aren't trying to set a new world record for overclocking. It also gave MSI a chance to incorporate some updates to their designs.

MSI GTX 660 N660 Gaming 2GD5/OC


The MSI N660 Gaming features an NVIDIA GTX 660 GPU with a factory over clock and an upgraded cooling solution. The N660 Gaming separates itself from its N660 TF sibling by having a newer version of the Twin Frozr IV cooler and an application to utilize three overclocking presets. The upgraded cooler's fans are 12mm larger in diameter and the heatsink has a built in deflector plate to get more air moving directly over the heatpipes. It has four outputs, a DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI and Displayport, which can all be used at the same time and are fed by a factory overclocked speed of 1006MHz for the base and a boost of 1072 MHz while keeping the 2048MB of GDDR5 memory at the standard 6008 MHz.