It is extremely rare to meet somebody with undeniably gorgeous looks who also displays an enviable level of intelligence.  It could just be all about genetics and luck but what should not be factored out is the idea that a person can actually work towards those goals consciously.  Leading an active and non-sedentary lifestyle with regular exercise and a healthy diet are guaranteed ways to improve most anyone’s looks. Unending curiosity and critical thinking on the other hand improves intelligence even on those who lack formal education.  You might not be perfect by the end of the day, but the important part is that you are striving towards that goal.



In the world of PC components, it appears that everyone is in a rush to achieve the same goals, except projected onto inanimate peripherals.  Good looks are important because of market appeal but intelligent performance is also required, especially if trying to court enthusiasts out of their hard earned cash. The last thing most enthusiasts need these days is an ugly PC component, especially with the sheer number of side-windowed cases out there. Judging by the look of EVGA’s new ACX cooler on the GTX 770 SC video card, chances are they agree about striking a balance between good looks and intelligent functionality as well.

EVGA GTX 770 SC 2GB ACX Video Card


The EVGA GTX 770 Superclocked 2GB video card is equipped with EVGA’s revolutionary new ACX cooler designed to provide quieter and superior performance. The EVGA GTX 770 SC’s ACX cooler maintains a dual-slot design for efficient thermal properties in SLI mode. The EVGA ACX cooler is equipped with 40% higher fin volume and separated cooling subsystems so the double ball bearing fans can efficiently dissipate heat emitted by the GTX 770’s GK104 core and components while under load.  The EVGA GTX 770 with ACX cooler is super clocked with a base of 1111MHz and boost of 1163MHz compared to the reference 1046 MHz base clock and the 1085 MHz boost clock.  As with all EVGA video cards, the GeForce GTX 770 2GB Superclocked with ACX cooler video card comes packed with EVGA Precision X and OC Scanner software for further overclocking convenience. The EVGA GTX 770 Superclocked video card is covered under EVGA’s standard 3-year warranty and further warranty extensions are available for users who register their purchase within 30 days.