Noise has long been accepted as part of our daily routine, an unfortunate byproduct of a busy and productive life. Whether it is a nagging wife or the morning commute, noise isn’t something you should look forward to. There are some unique circumstances, of course, such as the revving of an engine or the roaring crowd at the stadium where noise actually livens up the soul, but these are few and far between. When it comes to modern PCs, thankfully, technology has caught up to where compromise in performance is no longer an issue whenever a silent solution is required.

PowerColor Radeon HD 7790 Turbo Duo


Newer components require less power and are much more efficient, producing less heat overall and therefore requiring lower fan speeds to cool off. This thermal headroom gives the video card greater overclocking potential and increased stability. Each video card manufacturer offers a unique cooling solution, promising further lower temperatures and even quieter performance than reference models. One of these manufacturers is PowerColor, a long-time AMD partner who has attracted the attention of enthusiasts with their HD7990 Devil13 video card design. Applying their creative focus towards the GPU mainstream market, PowerColor is offering their take on the recently released AMD HD7790 Bonaire GPU.

PowerColor Radeon HD 7790 Turbo Duo Video Card


The PowerColor HD 7790 Turbo Duo video card uses a custom single-heatpipe copper heatsink design with a pair of silent 80mm fans for active cooling. The HD 7790 Turbo Duo from PowerColor also comes out of the box with a factory overclock of 1075MHz, compared to the 1000MHz boost clock of the reference Radeon HD 7790. For display output, the PowerColor HD 7790 is equipped with two DVI ports, a full-sized HDMI port and a full-size DisplayPort with full AMD Eyefinity support for 3 or more displays. Through the AMD Catalyst Control Center, or through a future update to PowerColor's own Power Tuner Up utility, users can overclock the HD 7790 for better performance under the latest DirectX11 games.  For even further performance increase, the PowerColor HD 7790 Turbo Duo can be Crossfired with another HD 7790 allowing it to outperform more expensive and higher end video cards.