Representing the forefront of gaming technology, DirectX 11 provides the stage for the latest and greatest PC hardware to flex their computing muscle. DirectX 11 titles are capable of unprecedented gaming realism with the use of features, such as Tessellation, which allow dynamic and scalable details to be applied in a scene by reducing or adding geometric complexity, or DirectCompute, which unlock the powerful parallel processing capability of GPUs. The latest 3D game engines can also utilize advanced anti-aliasing techniques, accurate depth of field applications, whole scene reflections, DirectCompute physics, and more. NVIDIA GPUs, starting with the "Fermi" line, and AMD GPUs, from the "Evergreen" series onward, are designed specifically to take advantage of these technologies.

  • F1 2012: Ultra/MSAA=8X
  • Sniper Elite V2: Ultra/AA=HIGH/AF=16/Adv.Shadows=OFF/ComputeShader=ON/Super Sampling=OFF
  • Battlefield 3: Ultra Preset

NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN F1 2012, Battlefield 3, and Sniper Elite V2 Benchmark


  • Metro 2033: Very High Preset/MSAA=4x/AF=16x/Tessellation=ON/DoF=ON/PhysX=OFF
  • Call of Duty Black Ops II: Max Settings/16X CSAA/FXAA=ON

NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Metro 2033, and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Benchmark


2D Surround (5760x1080)

Unlike previous generation GeForce GPUs, the GTX Kepler design is capable of driving up to four displays on a single GPU. A pair of dual-link DVI ports, an HDMI port and a DisplayPort can be mixed and matched requiring no extra dongles, unless you want to run 3D Vision surround, which requires a special dongle for the DisplayPort. The R300 drivers feature new desktop management software which enables Windows taskbar placement, bezel correction, bezel peak, fast center display acceleration and custom resolutions. As with previous GeForce cards, the NVIDIA GTX (Kepler) can be paired with one or two more GTX (Keplers), up to 3-way SLI for unparalleled gaming performance.

All settings for games benchmarked remain the same as previous single monitor benchmarks except for Metro 2033, where the Depth of Field was disabled.

2D Surround Benchmarks