Who's playing Diablo 3? There have been many mixed reviews on the game. I've always seen Diablo as just a fun time killer. Isn't that what dungeon crawlers were made for? They are the epitome of grinding. I really like Diablo 3. It feels like they took Diablo 2, revamped the classes and levels, and updated the graphics. There really isn't much more you can do to dungeon crawler games, as they all follow the same format. Top down view, lots of baddies coming at once, stronger weapon/item/skill upgrades as you progress with each level. What appeals to me the most is that you can play it at anytime. There is no real race to max level as you're not really left behind. It's a casual gamer's type of game.



The one thing that I never was able to experience with the old Diablo games was surround vision. Back when Diablo 2 was out, I was limited to an old 15" CRT monitor. The past few years have been good to me and I've now been able to accumulate a few LCD monitors. They are new enough that I am able to use surround vision. AMD has their version of surround vision called Eyefinity. The problem I've had with Eyefinity is that on traditional Radeon cards, the only way to enable it is using the DisplayPort output. My monitors are limited to HDMI/DVI/VGA. They've come out with adapters, which used to be horrifically expensive. Those are reasonable in price now, but are still only good for one use. I'm not a fan of adapting if it's not necessary. Sapphire has a line of cards that make adaptation unnecessary.


The Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 2GB DDR5 Flex Edition continues the Flex lineup of video cards. As with all Flex Cards, the 7870 Flex Edition features Sapphire's Flex technology and their improved cooling solution. The Flex technology enables Eyefinity with the use of the HDMI port, rather than the Display Port. The improved cooling uses Sapphire's proven Dual-X cooling solution. The core of this 7870 remains the same as all GHz editions. The engine clock is set at 1000MHz while the memory clock is at 1200MHz. There is 2GB of onboard 256-bit DDR5 memory. The 7870 uses the newest 28nm GCN architecture and features 20 Compute Units. This translates to 1280 Stream Processors, 80 Texture Units, 128 Z/Stencil ROP Units, 32 Color ROP Units, Dual Geometry Engines, and Dual Asynchronous Compute Engines. The interface is the newest PCI Express 3.0 and is DX 11.1 capable. All AMD features are intact, such as AMD App Acceleration, AMD HD3D technology, AMD CrossFire technology, AMD PowerPlay, AMD PowerTune, and AMD ZeroCore Power technology.