It's nearly springtime in the US and that means we are one step closer to that very special time of the year known as summer! Most people adore summer, and not just those who go to the beach and play Meatloaf's "I'd do anything for love, but not that" for hours on end. Others may enjoy barbecues, swimming, or drinking a cold beverage of your choice outside with friends until late in the evening. The anticipation is practically palpable, but every year we must remember that summer is also the prime time for a computer's arch enemy to strike. I am, of course, speaking about heat.

Enermax Aeolus Vegas Cooling Pad


Over the winter we become complacent, getting beautiful frame rates and such low temperatures on our GPU; I usually don't even need to use a heater to keep my single bedroom apartment warm while my two desktop systems are running. As the winter thaw begins and we enter the transition to summer, it begins. Slowly but surely, your computer gets louder and louder, like a freight train rumbling towards you. The comfortable eight person LAN parties you went to in January now make you and your seven friends feel like you are trapped in the swamps of Louisiana. Worse than that is the fate of your laptop in the summer. What used to be a quiet, nubile laptop has turned into what sounds like a banshee as it desperately vacuums up air in an attempt to stay cool. It’s almost like your laptop has a fever, and the only prescription is a cooling pad.


The Enermax AeroOdio CP-006 notebook cooling pad features a 220mm fan and incorporates their signature DreamBass® audio chip. The AeroOdio can support up to 17” laptops and uses a large metal mesh surface for wide area cooling with their 220mm fan. The CP-006 has a manual fan speed control that varies between 620-720 RPM while keeping at a relatively quiet 17-24 dBA. The AeroOdio only weighs 3.3lbs and has a plastic edging that houses the integrated speaker with DreamBass® audio chip, dual USB 2.0 inputs, power in, volume control, and fan speed control switches. The CP-006 is powered by dual USB plugs connected by a 1.5ft cable to the power input on the back. The Dual speakers have rubber speaker covers to protect from damage and can reach frequencies between 150Hz-18K Hz. There is a plastic clip on the bottom of the cooler for cable management and the AeroOdio has a natural underpass to allow for other cables.