Swiftech Komodo NV-LE GPU Block Review

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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What do you think of when you hear the word “luxury”? Like most words a different symbolism can arise from different individuals, but the accounting for taste and exposure can make these differences incredibly radical. For some, “luxury” purely means a form of ostentation, regardless of worth or any inclination to actually being what most have come to think of as being “luxurious”. For some, a “luxury” can be something as simple as a Jameson Grilled Cheese from Killer Po Boys, simply due to the fact that it is “luxurious” by definition despite the lack of ostentation in it or its surroundings. While some would not find that “luxurious” at all, but would if the Gucci pattern were burned into the bread. “Luxury” is about individual perception.

 Swiftech Apogee XL



In the curious case of making a computer component “luxurious”, what would we be looking at? First, the component would have to use only the best available materials, especially where performance is affected. Next, the design, fit and finish would have to be impeccable. There can’t be rough or sharp edges on a luxury piece, nor can there be cross-threading or misaligned components. Lastly, it would need to look the part. As I always say, looks are subjective, but there is no denying when a piece has stand out design and aesthetics. It doesn’t need to be flashy, if Mercedes made a block of wood, it would certainly be identifiable from a block of wood made by Suzuki.

 Swiftech Apogee XL


In the new Swiftech Komodo NV-LE, the “LE” signifies “Luxury Edition”, but what exactly does that mean in this case? To start, in the Komodo NV-LE made specifically for nVidia Titan/GTX 780 TI/GTX 780, Swiftech has used the proven performance and design of the original Komodo as a starting point, including a black anodized backplate in the package. At first glance, the Komodo NV-LE shows some aesthetic upgrades with a large window into the liquid chamber, as well as an acrylic strip surrounding the block. These are both tied into an LED system with changeable colors to provide lit strip and liquid chamber to go along with the glowing Swiftech logo. On the performance end, Swiftech has outfitted the NV-LE with a pure copper full cover block with real chrome plating and four G1/4” fittings for easy placement. Moderate restriction is used to make the Komodo NV-LE perform well with almost any pump and flow setup with slowing down smaller pumps. Installation is simplified with thermal pads pre-applied, and no extra washers required. The easy to change color plate comes with blue, red, green and white included.