Swiftech Apogee XL CPU Block Review

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There is no question that the landscape of liquid cooling is changing and, along with that, the factors involved with making component choices are changing. Part of this change actually makes me feel I need to have a disclaimer or explanation statement here of the type often found in contracts in legal documents. Something along the lines of “open loop, referred to in this document as ‘liquid cooling’, in no way implies any correlation or relation to CLC, and the facts contained herein do not apply to CLC as a whole”. In less legalese terms; this article is not about CLCs. The basic ideas and principles discussed really won’t apply to CLCs. This article is about custom, open loop components.

 Swiftech Apogee XL



Moving on to the changing landscape, there was a time that performance was really all that mattered to those using liquid cooling. Looks were not of any particular importance, even intended usage of a component wasn’t of great importance if it performed well. Cost was typically looked at with chagrin, but taken on for the sake of performance. Now we are seeing prices drop and liquid cooling moving more and more into the mainstream. With that, aesthetics, build quality and easy functionality have come to take on huge roles in the component choice process. Performance is still key, but right now, only a few degrees will separate any of the CPU blocks from top manufacturers. With that in mind, looks and usability become that much more important.

 Swiftech Apogee XL


With the Apogee XL CPU Block, Swiftech is looking to cover all of the angles consumers are looking for in a new liquid cooling component. While Swiftech has historically used rather subdued styling, the Apogee XL features a unique design implementing an LED logo and design with four included color changes and is available with black or clear polycarbonate body. Atop the block are dual G1/4” ports, with flow being omnidirectional, allowing either port to be used as the in or out. Under the shell, Swiftech employs a pure C110 copper block using a pin matrix design for increased surface area and water contact, thus allowing for better heat dissipation. Flow restriction has been dropped by 10% from previous Apogee models, making the Apogee XL a perfect choice for use with smaller styles of speed controlled pumps. The mounting kit closely resembles past Swiftech kits and makes for very easy and secure mounting. Intel LGA 115X and 2011 hardware is included, as is AMD AM2/AM3, while LGA 775 and 1366 adapters are available separately from Swiftech.