Antec Kuhler H2O 1250 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler Review

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 Antec Kuhler 1250

Of course, Candy Crush and CandySwipe aren’t the only things we see these days that are incredibly similar, and produce incredibly similar results. Another place we see this (along with allegations of patent infringement) is in the world of closed loop cooling. The entire segment has become incredibly stagnant and fallen into self-parody. “Improvements” over the last couple of years have mainly centered around LED colors, but those LEDs keep getting mounted on units with incredibly low flow pumps with aluminum radiators that require fans running at far louder than tolerable levels to get the job done. At the end of the day, performance has become pretty much interchangeable among the leading brands. With prices on kits and pre-assembled open loops dropping, a manufacturer is going to have to take a look at where improvements can be made in the entire way CLC are designed. Someone is going to need to take a whole new angle.

 Antec Kuhler 1250


Antec’s latest flagship CLC, the 240mm Kuhler 1250, is introducing a decidedly different take on CLC design. Rather than a single pump mounted to the CPU block, the Antec Kuhler 1250 has moved the pumps off the block, and has gone to a series dual pump setup. The advantages here are more numerous than you may think; in addition to the assumed higher flow and head pressure, redundant pumps act as a fail-safe, allowing for continued cooling in the case of a pump failure. The Kuhler 1250 employs a lower profile CPU block with all copper cold plate for advanced heat dissipation, and features a customizable RGB LED that can also be set to change color with temperatures.. The dual 120mm (240mm) radiator is all aluminum and 27mm in thickness. Dual PWM fans operate from 600-2400rpm, and have the pumps mounted directly to each fan. Antec’s Grid software is included, allowing for Silent, Custom and Extreme modes, along with temperature logging and LED customization. The Kuhler 1250 comes pre-filled, ready to use and is maintenance free, and is backed by Antec with a 3-year warranty.