NZXT Kraken G10 Liquid Cooling GPU Adapter Review

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What’s hiding in your closet? If you are a system builder, probably a number of components that you have “outgrown”, or have become obsolete. More than likely, many of them are still fully functional and you saved them because they may serve a purpose at some point., like that GTs 240 you are hanging onto in case you need to throw together a build for your mom. Then there is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 you replaced with an Antec 620 that you replaced with a Swiftech H220…..wait, an Antec 620?

 NZXT Kraken G10



Many people who went into the first round of closed loop coolers quickly outgrew them as the products available changed very, very rapidly. I personally know quite a few people with 120mm solutions in their closets that are fully functional, but were quickly replaced by 240mm when they became more readily available, or simply switched back to air cooling when the 120mm didn’t live up to performance of the NH-D14 they had replaced. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of these lying around. It seems that people hate to part with them, but they really can’t figure out a viable use for them, either. We already know that even small AiO coolers work very well on GPUs, but there has always been the matter of getting them to fit, and of cooling the VRM. That suddenly just got a whole lot easier.

 NZXT Kraken G10


The Kraken G10 brings the potential of significantly better GPU cooling to twenty-seven popular high-end GPUs from both nVidia and AMD. While we have seen closed loop AiO coolers used with great success on GPUs in the past, the Kraken G10 is the first easy to install adapter that includes VRM cooling. The Kraken G10 can adapt any Asetek OEM cooler to over thirty different GPUs, including all current high-end solutions from AMD and nVidia. A 92mm fan is included for enhanced VRM cooling. The body of the G10 offers stylish design and is available in gloss black, white and red for visual impact. Tie down points are built into the body to route your tubing and keep things looking neat in the case.