Silverstone Tundra TD02 & TD03 AiO Liquid Cooler Review

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”To understand how to cool, one must truly understand the heat”. Yeah…OK. Here I am, frying like bacon on a greasy spoon grill, and now I have someone getting all Zen on me. Not what I want to hear at that moment. Normally, this would have provoked some kind of violence, or at least a Gary Busey-like tirade, but since it was coming from Tony Ou, the driving force behind Silverstone, all I could do was wrestle the peace pipe from the half-sleeping medicine man in the corner, take a couple of puffs and nod. The heat was killing me, alright…but what was really killing me was trying to figure out how this went from a couple of tequilas and a discussion of the new Argon line, to being talked into a midnight drive through the desert to an Arizona Hupa sweat lodge and feeling like a character in “The Hangover Part 6”…

 Silverstone Tundra TD02 & TD03



I passed the pipe to Tony and, after a couple of puffs, a look of revelation took over his face, his eyes fixed and sure. Without turning to face me, he said “the AiO coolers….we can do it better”. I didn’t doubt him. The last time I jokingly said “Yeah…and I suppose you can make an enthusiast air cooler that doesn’t block the RAM slots”, I got hit with the Heligon HE01 a week later. I knew better than to question him. He still stared at the side of the tent and said “I know you know the cold. I read your 2011 Cooler Roundup where you spoke of your childhood. We will name this cooler in your honor, it will be called the Link Wray.” After a quick discussion of royalty issues, it turned to “Musk Ox”, which I told Tony really loses something in translation. Four passes of the peace pipe, seventeen aquatic themed names shot down and a whole lot of sweat later, the “Silverstone Tundra” was born.

 Silverstone Tundra TD02 & TD03


Silverstone’s recent commitment to high end cooling is clearly on display in their new Tundra TD02 and TD03 AiO liquid coolers. We have appreciated (and many times marveled at) Silverstone’s engineering and build quality in the past, and they have carried this over to make the 240mm Tundra TD02 and 120mm TD03 truly unique in the world of AiO coolers. At first glance, it is very noticeable that the radiator is thicker than what has come before, measuring at 45mm, but even the Tundra’s fins have been changed to use a planar fin that offers up to 40% more heat dissipation than traditional fins. Elsewhere in the Tundra’s makeup, we find a unique lack of plastic components we are accustomed to, and find them replaced with metals. The pump housing and block of the Tundra TD02 and TD 03 uses a patented screwless design, and is comprised entirely of metal. This lessens chances of leaks, as well as improving overall strength and durability. The mounting kit for the block again replaces plastic and thin metal clips with forged aluminum, and a design that makes for incredibly easy installation on all current Intel and AMD sockets. Both the TD02 and TD03 are equipped with dual 120mm fans capable of 90.5 cfm at 2500 rpm, but produce only 18 dBA at full speed for a quiet experience. Unique radiator trim is finished in white with silver surround around the radiator, and is perfect for painting for those looking to mod. The Tundras are completed with 330mm white corrugated FEP tubing.