Corsair H90 and H110 CPU Cooler Review

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Millions of people commute to and from work every day in Tokyo, Japan. Being one of the most densely populated metropolitan areas in the world, however, the rush hour subway cramming can be quite crazy. Each subway car is literally crammed with passengers, requiring subway staff to hire official pushers or “Oshiya” to maximize the train’s capacity and ensure that the doors can be closed. The day’s productivity depends heavily on having all the workers arrive on time, and the Japanese value efficiency, so they consider this a necessity. A larger train taking more frequent trips is an obvious solution but, due to limited space, it is not a possibility.

Corsair H90 and H110


The same idea can be applied to CPU cooling, with heat taking the place of downtown Japanese commuters and the subway system representing the CPU cooler. Heat is taken away from CPU core and delivered by the heatpipes towards the fins and cooled by the fan. For liquid cooling setups, heat is taken away from the CPU core by the cold plate then it is transferred through the liquid made to move by the pump to the radiator where a fan actively cools the area. The larger the heatsink or the radiator, the more heat is dissipated, just as a larger subway car can take more passengers per trip. I think tower style heatsinks are big enough as it is but for self-contained liquid cooling solutions, there is still room to grow, especially for users with space for a 140mm or 280mm radiator inside their cases.

Corsair H90 and H110


The Corsair H90 and H110 are high-end CPU coolers which are part of Corsair’s Hydro Series line. Both the H90 and H110 coolers use an updated Asetek design that uses 140mm fans. The Corsair H90 has a radiator that can fit a single 140mm fan on one side while the Corsair H110 has a 280mm radiator that can hold two 140mm fans per side. One more fan can be added to the Corsair H90 while two more fans can be added to the Corsair H110 in a push-pull configuration. Users can install both the H90 and H110 hydro series CPU coolers on Intel LGA115X, LGA1366 and LGA2011 sockets, as well as AMD AM2, AM3, AM3+, FM1 and FM2 motherboards. The H90 and H110 all-in-one CPU coolers are backed with a 5-year warranty by Corsair, guaranteed to outlast your current system build.