Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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Once, while building a system for a friend, I was asked why CPU heatsinks are getting progressively larger. I told him it just seemed that way and that, in fact, newer CPUs do not require as much cooling, as they run on lower voltages and are much more efficient. He was just noticing larger heatsinks because he recently discovered overclocking, and that cooling requirements are different compared to stock settings. In fact, I recommended that he look into building a water-cooled system if he wants to push his system further.

Corsair H100i


That was over two years ago and we still have very large heatsinks. Also, my friend never did get into water-cooling, for he found the cost of assembling a system with a pump, reservoir, radiators, cold plate, hose, bards, fittings, and cooling liquid just simply did not fit his budget. Thankfully, self-contained liquid-cooling kits are widely available, currently, and have been progressively improving fast. Large manufacturers, like Corsair, have thrown their hat into the ring and worked with Asetek and CoolIt to provide self-contained, no-maintenance, liquid CPU coolers across various price points.

Corsair H100i


The H100i is Corsair’s latest flagship AiO CPU liquid cooler based on CoolIt’s design. The new Corsair H100i offers an improved mounting convenience through magnetic brackets, new flexible rubber hoses and superior 120mm fans based on Corsair’s latest SP120L fan designs. Corsair also integrates the fan preset options digitally on the H100i through the Corsair Link software via a USB connector instead of the physical on-pump preset button used by the Corsair H100. Compatible with all current AMD desktop systems, including AM3+, AM3, FM2, and FM1 mainboards, as well as Intel LGA2011, LGA1366, and LGA115X sockets, the Corsair H100i carries a 5-year warranty, so it should last users at least a few upgrade cycles.