At the onset of the Carter administration, there were several articles that jabbed at the former President’s Georgia roots and the vernacular that was associated with it. One phrase that kept popping up was “the big dog in the meat house”, as it was assumed that many would readily understand this, as opposed to more obscure references, such as “wild as a peach orchard boar” (which is basically slang for a “ladies man", the “big dog” phrase should be pretty self-explanatory). Ty Cobb is usually credited with bringing “big dog in the meat house” to national attention when he used it to describe fellow Tiger outfielder Sam Crawford. By the way, if the reported exploits and general mannerisms are even only slightly exaggerated, Ty Cobb was about as simultaneously crazy and egomaniacal as anyone who ever lived. For Cobb to call anyone the big dog in the meat house (other than himself) spoke volumes.




In the world of enthusiast liquid cooling, there is no question that Swiftech is the big dog in the meat house. For almost twenty years, Swiftech has been devoted to the pursuit of cooling excellence. They have produced some absolutely legendary air and liquid products over the years, and have set their sights mainly on the development of liquid cooling over the past ten. It seemed odd that when AiO liquid coolers gained popularity, Swiftech was absent from the market. That has changed, and the big dog in the meat house is acting like just that and delivering, by far, the most advanced AiO to hit the market to date.



Swiftech’s first foray into the AiO market, the H220, makes a profound and definitive statement regarding their expertise and experience in liquid cooling. The Swiftech H220 takes the entire concept of AiO liquid cooling to another level by featuring enthusiast class components combined with the ability to open the loop to add components. Properly offering an open loop is far more involved than the H220’s simple inclusion of 3/8” swivel barb tubing connections, it involves the inclusion of a high head pressure pump capable of reliably keeping the flow going to added radiators and cooling blocks. A copper cooling block offers a very large, nicely polished contact surface. The Swiftech H220’s pump is far meatier than we have seen in AiO offerings, and is PWM controlled with rated speeds of 1200-3000rpm. Keeping in line with enthusiast level components, the 240mm radiator uses brass channels with copper (rather than aluminum) fins for incredible heat dissipation capabilities. Handling the airflow are two 120mm Swiftech PWM fans with a range of 800-1800rpm, capable of pushing out 55 CFM with very high static pressure of 2.29 mmH2O. In keeping the H220 quiet, the included fans top out at less than 33 dBA, but more importantly, the radiator has been designed for optimal cooling with drastically decreased noise. The Swiftech H220 comes fully assembled and filled out of the box, with included mounting hardware for all current Intel and AMD processors. The H220 is also guaranteed maintenance free for the duration of its 3-Year warranty.