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It is time for skeptics to put down their pitchforks and torches, and accept the fact that self-contained liquid cooling systems are here to stay.  What seemed like heresy to air-cooling enthusiasts a few years ago with their bulky appearance, high price, cobbled-together build quality and comparatively sluggish performance, closed-loop coolers have evolved quickly with each generation of release, eventually closing the performance gap against high-end CPU coolers. While there are plenty of manufacturers offering CPU cooling solutions of this nature, there are unfortunately limited options presented for GPU cooling due to the sheer number of various PCB designs in the market. Even among NVIDIA’s current 600-series alone, the differences in PCB layout number over a dozen.

Arctic Accelero Hybrid VGA Cooler


In order for an all-in-one liquid cooling video card kit to be useful, it must be compatible with more than a single video card series. Users who are looking to purchase units like these are also hopeful that the design is flexible enough to be useable in case they upgrade to a higher-end or newer model.  Arctic, as one of the world’s leading DIY cooling experts, has answered the call and is offering a self-contained liquid cooling solution at a $179 USD price tag.

Arctic Accelero Hybrid VGA Cooler


The Arctic Accelero Hybrid VGA cooler is compatible with a wide range of video cards from both AMD and NVIDIA. Arctic’s Accelero Hybrid’s all-in-one design includes the tube, a 120mm radiator, and a copper cold plate with built-in pump, as well as a custom shroud actively cooled by an 80mm fan.  A 120mm F12 PWM fan is also included with the Accelero Hybrid kit along with many different types of aluminum heatsinks for the memory and voltage regulation components.  Inside a typical mid-tower case, the Arctic Accelero Hybrid VGA cooler can be mounted in four different positions and is compatible with up to 16 different NVIDIA GeForce and 15 different AMD Radeon video cards, spanning up to four generations old.