If BMW and Audi were to both introduce a high priced luxury full-sized pickup truck with workman-like capabilities, it may seem a bit of an oddity. If they sold incredibly well, they may well be joined in the ranks with offerings from Lexus and Infiniti. That would put four players in a particular market segment. Strangely, while all four of these companies have extensive experience on the luxury end, their experience is far lighter on the working truck end of the equation. However, there is a luxury car manufacturer with very extensive experience in building commercial trucks, yet we don’t see an offering from them in this scenario. In this instance, Mercedes would be very conspicuous by their absence.




There is a somewhat similar situation in the AiO liquid cooling market. At the onset of its popularity, it was dominated solely by some of the top names in computer components, but companies that had limited commercial products pertaining to CPU cooling prior. The fold was soon joined by companies that were obviously more cooling oriented, but we didn’t see any great shakeups in the market or in performance. NZXT recently joined the fold with the larger 140mm based X40 and X60 models that saw a huge jump in performance capabilities to go along with the larger radiators. It seemed unusual that liquid cooling leader Swiftech and innovative Cooler Master (who has dabbled in liquid cooling in the past) stayed out of the AIO market. However, that is changing and the old pros are entering the field.



Cooler Master’s Seidon 240M boasts an all in-house design and development set to show off all of Cooler Master’s expertise. The Seidon 240M comes equipped with a 240mm radiator, copper contact block and a unique Cooler Master designed pump. The Seidon 240M uses Ultra-Fine Micro Channel technology in their contact plate, which actually increases the amount of water coming into contact with the copper. Simple reason tells you that increased water contact results in greater potential heat dissipation. The Seidon 240M uses kink-free hard plastic corrugated tubing for the liquid path, shown to have better aging and evaporation characteristics than rubber hoses. Two 60-2400rpm 120mm fans capable of over 86 CFM handle the air movement chores for the Seidon 240M, with the wide rpm range offering near silence or extreme performance. The fin design of the 240mm radiator has been tuned to maximize airflow. This results in more efficient cooling, and also considerably cuts down on associated noise.