I am sure that many are aware of the much deeper messages often contained in fairy and folk tales. For the younger generation who seem to have not been brought up on them, television shows like “Grimm” give them a pretty good example. Of course, not all of the tales revolve around strange creatures portraying the worst of people’s psyche, some are far more straightforward and often comical. The works of Hans Christian Anderson are still very relevant, with the “Princess and the Pea” and “The Little Mermaid” having been recently made into films. However, it is the title of another one of his tales that has been coined as a referential phrase, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.




It’s a simple tale, really. A pair of tailors convinces the Emperor that they will make him the most beautiful of suits, but it will be invisible to the incompetent and unfit. Naturally, they are actually making nothing at all, and sending the Emperor out stark naked. The Emperor is not about to admit that he can’t see the suit, and therefore declare himself incompetent, so he parades around naked, all the while praising the beauty of the clothing and bragging of them to others. Funny thing is….this sounds exactly like the tale of “The Techie’s New AIO Liquid Cooler”. Despite cooling and noise benchmarks, maintenance issues and mind boggingly bad price/performance, people who have purchased these will ramble on about how advanced they are with incredible performance. It’s not that AIO liquid coolers are a wholly bad concept, they have just been designed with a serious flaw for the mainstream, and hyped like an Apple product. Thankfully, NZXT is stepping up to the plate and bringing in a pair of AIO liquid coolers worth bragging about.



The new NZXT Kraken X40 and X60 CPU coolers attack the fundamental problem we have seen in AIOs with a simple, sensible advance. While others peddle 120mm based units, the NZXT Kraken X40 and X60 are based on 140mm fans and fittings resulting in the most crucial element to liquid cooling; 36% more surface area. More surface area, more heat dissipation, more cooling. It’s that simple. The X40 and X60 also fit more directly into today’s cases which feature 140mm fans predominantly. While most components are shared, the X40 features a 140mm dual fan capable radiator while the X60 packs a huge 280mm four fan capable radiator. One 800~2000rpm FX-140 PWM fin is included with the X40, and two with the X60, each capable of 98.3 CFM. Both Kraken models feature Asetek’s Gen4 copper contact plate and pump unit using both split flow and micro-channel technologies. To keep things flowing in the best manner for your rig, the included ChillControl software allows fan curve programming, monitoring and RGB selectable coloring for the Pump LED to add a little eye candy to your build.