Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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The new age of power efficiency is here and the old paradigms of cooling no longer apply. Large bulky and expensive water-cooling units are unnecessary to achieve a 4.5 to 5GHz overclock due to lower voltage requirements and airflow-conscious chassis designs enable better ambient thermal management. Concurrently, memory manufacturers have flooded the market with very tall heatspreaders that render most superior tower-style air-coolers unusable. Addressing these concerns, self-contained liquid cooling systems have risen to prominence.

Corsair H60 2013 Edition


Although they were pricey and lagged behind in terms of performance, compared to popular air-cooled heatsinks when they were first introduced, all-in-one liquid cooling kits have eventually caught up after a few years of trial-and-error in terms of design.  As one of the leading brands in the market, Corsair has a healthy stable of self-contained CPU liquid cooling kits, dubbed the “Hydro series,” which target various price points. They have been updating their older designs in response to consumer feedback and the latest to receive a refresh is their entry level high-performance unit called the H60. 

Corsair H60 2013 Edition


The Corsair H60 self-contained liquid CPU cooler has been updated for 2013, improving its looks and performance. The 2013 edition Corsair H60 still utilizes a 120mm radiator but now comes with a higher static pressure fan.  For convenient installation, the Corsair H60 2013 edition’s mounting brackets now apply magnetically so there is no need to use a screw driver to swap out between Intel and AMD systems. Replacing the ribbed plastic tubes of the original Corsair H60 are new, thicker and more manageable low-evaporation rubber tubes.  Each Corsair H60 CPU cooling kit is pre-filled and requires no maintenance.  Corsair also provides a 5-year warranty on each updated H60 CPU cooler for total peace of mind.