Many users were apprehensive when the first generation of self-contained liquid coolers came out; concerns about leakage, performance and, most importantly, price were on the forefront. Since each self-contained liquid cooling system has to have a radiator, pump, reservoir, fan, cold plate, and liquid coolant in one unit, production costs are much higher, compared to traditional heatpipe air coolers. It also did not help assuage concerns when the benchmarks were less than stellar for the first generation self-contained kits, although priced more than their air-cooling counterparts.

Corsair H55 Quiet CPU Cooler



Thankfully, technology moves along pretty fast and the latest generation of self-contained liquid cooling solutions are here to deliver much anticipated improvements over yesterday’s designs.  Corsair is updating their line by adding new features that simplify installation, utilizing better fans and optimizing cooling designs.  While Corsair is phasing out some older models, and updating some of the more popular units, new self-contained liquid cooling kits, such as the Corsair H55, are being introduced to fit between the mainstream and enthusiast cooling segments.

Corsair H55 Quiet CPU Cooler CPU Cooler


The Corsair H55 is a self-contained liquid cooling system that utilizes a lower profile, ideal for smaller cases. The Corsair H55 is an updated Asetek design that improves upon certain features of the older generation Corsair H50. A durable yet flexible rubber hose replaces the ribbed tubing of the H50 and the copper contact surface is now also highly polished. Corsair’s H55 cooler includes motherboard mounting support for Intel LGA 1155, 1156, 1366 and 2011 sockets as well as AMD AM3, AM2, AM3+, FM1 and FM2 sockets. Corsair is so confident with their new H55 self-contained liquid CPU cooler that it is backed with a 5-year warranty, three more years than the Corsair H50 CPU cooler.