As much as I try to ignore the looks of a component and stay with what actually performs, I am sometimes guilty of letting aesthetics win out. It rarely happened just a few years ago when there was no window on the side of my case. But, the fact is, more cases have windows, more builds have themes and color schemes, and more people want the looks to match the performance. One of the biggest casualties in this has been Noctua. Very few will argue that they are among the best performing fans ever to hit the market, and a majority of enthusiasts will argue that they are unparalleled in many applications. However, their brown and beige color scheme wasn’t exactly complementary in most themes. While people have clamored for at least a black series, it hasn’t happened due to Noctua’s unique materials being resistant to coloring and Noctua being unwilling to put out a product that is not perfect.

Noctua Redux



After years of beige and brown, Noctua is introducing the two-tone gray Redux Series along with the black PPC2000 Industrial Series. While specs on the Redux look familiar, owing to NF-S12A/NF-P14 origins, the new PPC2000 Series is an entirely new take for Noctua. Billed as an industrial fan, the PPC Series comes in 2000 and 3000 rpm variations, with and without PWM. The added speed and specially designed blades create increased airflow and exceptionally high static pressure. This combination makes the PPC Series a natural for dense and thick radiator use. In keeping with the “industrial” tag, PPC fans come with IP ratings of 52 and 67, showing outstanding dust and liquid resistance, with IP67 versions being able to be submerged in shallow water for thirty minutes with no harmful effects. Both series sport MTBF of greater than 150,000 hours and are backed with a 6-year warranty.


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Noctua Redux Noctua Redux
Noctua Redux Noctua Redux



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Price Point

Price: $26.95-$34.95 USD (MSRP) (Get it at Amazon)

Class: Enthusiast

With an estimated price point of $26.95-$34.95 USD, the Noctua Redux and PPC2000 are in the Enthusiast category of fans.

Reviewer's Opinion

There are a lot of enthusiasts out there that are going to be very excited about the prospect of getting Noctua quality in a color that they can fit into their scheme. There is good reason for this, as Noctua fans are one of the few components on the market that actually live up to their incredible reputation. While there is a growing number of quality fans out there, in terms of build quality, noise and performance, absolutely no other manufacturer matches Noctua across the board. They are simply that good. Now, for the first time they are starting to get aesthetics to match.

The Redux series doesn’t actually bring anything new to the table aside from the gray color. In this case, that is a good statement. Essentially, these are NF-S12A and NF-P14 series fans with a new color scheme. I could go on about exactly how good these two series are, but at this point it would be redundant, as it has been discussed at length so many times previously. What you are getting is a color option on arguably the finest fans ever made for case and CPU cooler usage, that also do quite well on radiators.

The big story here is the PPC Series of fans. These are a departure from Noctua’s usual products In that they address airflow, static, and durability first, quiet second. With 2000 and 3000 rpm variations, the PPC series are capable of outstanding air movement with top of class static pressure. This makes them an ideal choice for thicker and/or denser radiator usage. While there is no way to get this kind of air movement in a silent (or near silent) manner, the PPC series are actually quieter than expected, and quieter than almost any competition at similar performance levels. If Noctua did not design them specifically for this application, they certainly fall right into being among the top choices for it. Is it a coincidence that their release coincides with a dramatic rise in the use of liquid cooling?

However, the PPC series is labeled as an “industrial application fan”, and carries with it durability ratings to match. The IP52 variation of the fans are impervious to harmful dust and can withstand horizontal water sprays. Stepping up to the IP67 rated gets you complete dust sealing as well as the ability to withstand being submerged up to one meter for thirty minutes with no harm. While the industrial applications are obvious, we again see a nod to liquid cooling. The dust protection also makes them a great choice for builds that are tucked away collecting dust that are not easy to clean, such as an HTPC in an entertainment center.

The Redux series is easy to like, since they are the same Noctua fans that have offered top performance for some time, just in a color more palatable to some. The PPC series opens up a whole new world for Noctua, especially on the liquid cooling front. While the Redux holds to the high established standards set by Noctua, the PPC series sets new ones. Both series come with the highest recommendation and are recipients of Hi Tech Legion’s Editor’s Choice Award.



  • Excellent NF-S12A/NF-A14 Performance In Redux Series
  • Outstanding Flow and Static Pressure In PPC Series
  • Outstanding Build Quality and Finish
  • Outstanding Performance to Noise
  • More Agreeable Color Choices Than Previous Models
  • Excellent IP Rating on PPC Series
  • PWM Models Available
  • Round or Square 140mm Designs for Excellent Versatility
  • Proven Quiet and Durable SSO-Bearings
  • 6-Year Warranty
  • Excellent Radiator Performance From PPC Series
  • Excellent Case and Cooler Performance From Redux Series



  • Slight Whine From PPC Series at Lowest Speeds



Hi Tech Legion Editor’s Choice Award