BitFenix Recon 5-Channel Touchscreen Fan Controller

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More is not always better. Whoever said “you can’t have too much of a good thing” has obviously never worked with computer airflow…or he has and he is very hard of hearing. Is airflow a good thing in your computer? Of course it is. Will more airflow produce better temperature performance in almost all cases? Of course it will. Does more airflow mean more noise? In almost every case, the answer to this is a resounding “yes”.

BitFenix Recon Fan Controller


When it comes to airflow, the optimal amount can vary greatly from situation to situation, and will be completely based on preference. Most will find that having the fans set on a curve to provide only the airflow that is required to be the most advantageous. This insures the lowest possible noise while providing the required amount of performance. In systems using multiple fans in multiple areas, the needs of each individual fan will also be different. Some motherboards may have enough headers to accomplish this, but most likely they will not and software may be lacking and temperature probes non-existent. For many, a fan controller will make a lot of sense to truly optimize cooling needs.

BitFenix Recon Fan Controller


The BitFenix Recon 5-Channel Fan Controller offers incredible flexibility and functionality to add to your build’s cooling system. With five 10 watt channels, the BitFenix Recon can easily power most fans and use a dedicated thermal probe to automatically control each. The included thermal probes can be placed anywhere in the case on any component giving a temperature readout for the associated fan’s Auto functionality to work from, as well as provide an adjustable audible alert if the specified component exceeds a preset temperature. The Recon is easily adjustable with a 4.7” touchscreen featuring fan speed and temperature probe readouts, as well as the ability to set fans to auto or manual controls. For those that prefer a GUI, the Recon’s software interface provides full control and is even internet accessible from another computer or device using the Recon’s App. Fan extensions for each channel are provided, making it easy to interface with the hardest to reach fans. The Recon mounts into any standard 5.25” ODD bay and is available in black or white with SofTouch coating to match almost any case.