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We all have too many choices to make on a daily basis, and it seems that far too many involve the need to sacrifice one area to satisfy another. Many times this is unavoidable, but more often than not there is little or no need for the sacrifice at all. One of the biggest co-existence quandaries in computers has been enthusiast CPU cooling and tall RAM. Does one actually preclude the other? Well, it shouldn’t but, many times, manufacturers have made this the case.

 Be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim CPU Cooler



While the large heatspreaders on RAM have been largely ornamental rather than functional for quite some time, it is often difficult to find high performance RAM without them (there, of course, is a marketing reason behind this…..but I won’t go into that rant right now). This has left many needing to choose between faster RAM, or proper CPU cooling. Sure, you could go to a CLC (hmmm….CLC, tall RAM, marketing ploy…..), but as we have seen in test after test after test, you're asking for a huge noise increase for similar (or decreased) performance, and you can expect to pay a premium for that privilege. Recently, we have seen cooling manufacturers react and new designs have been brought to the forefront with increased compatibility for tall RAM.

 Be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim CPU Cooler


The be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim attempts to offer a no compromise cooling solution at a mainstream price. Since the be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim does not impede on RAM slots, you are no longer forced to choose between taller RAM and quiet cooling performance. The Shadow Rock Slim starts off with a narrowed fin array with four copper heatpipes aligned for maximum heat dissipation in a small area. Transfer is accomplished with a solid copper contact block with a polished nickel coating for increased durability. Sitting at the front of the fin array is be quiet!’s acclaimed 135mm PWM fan, capable of 67.8 CFM at 1400rpm with only a dismal 23.7 dBA. The Shadow Rock Slim uses the standard be quiet! easy to install mounting kit and is compatible with Intel LGA 775/115X/1366/2011 and AMD FM1/2 and AM2/3. Be quiet! backs the Shadow Rock Slim with a 3-year warranty.