Cryorig R1 Ultimate CPU Cooler Review

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How do you feel about the sideshow-like atmospheres that many times needlessly accompany things? Does a contending boxer really need a posse of twenty guys and a couple of scantily clad women to dance down the aisle around him, music blaring, as he makes his way to the ring to face a stoic reigning champ? Will it make him a better fighter? Do we need to get hit with countless ads prior to the launch of a new product along with a frenzy of media coverage before we even see the product? Or should the quality of the product itself should do the talking, just as the boxer needs to prove himself in the ring or all of his antics will have been for naught.

 Cryorig R1 Ultimate CPU Cooler



Over the years I have seen many contenders come in with more hype than actual chance of reigning supreme. I vividly remember Caveman Lee’s circus being burned to the ground by a classy Marvin Hagler in 1:07. I have also seen Evander Holyfield quietly enter the ring and pick apart the one-man circus that was Mike Tyson. Strangely, cooling tends to run in a very similar fashion. The incredibly classy Noctua NH-D14 reigned supreme for years without question. We saw cooler after cooler come in amidst incredible hype, offering the latest nano-twister circular heatpath technology claiming it would overtake the NH-D14. Invariably, they hit the ground with a dull thud…until upstart Phanteks dropped the PH-TC14PE on the world amidst no hype. There were buzzwords attached to the cooler, but each of them was easily explained and made sense. Now, upstart Cryorig is following a similar path, quietly releasing a cooler that certainly looks like a true contender to the crown.

 Cryorig R1 Ultimate CPU Cooler


While the initial launch of the Cryorig R1 Ultimate was somewhat soft, from a media standpoint, the R1 Ultimate presents itself as poised to take over the lead position in enthusiast air cooling. The Cryorig R1 Ultimate uses a seemingly familiar dual tower design, but adds sensible design features that we have not seen previously. Each tower of the R1 Ultimate uses two fin stacks joined in the center with a wider gap at the intake, which allows for greater volume of air to be pushed through the tighter packed second fin set. This results in more, and faster, flow resulting in greater dissipation. A unique ConvexAlign heatpipe pattern allows Cryorig to outfit the R1 Ultimate with seven 6mm heatpipes, all laid out for maximum efficiency in the tower. Propelling the air through the towers are dual XF140 140mm PWM fans capable of 76 CFM at 1300 rpm and only 23 dBA. Mounting clips for a third fan are included for those looking for the most from the R1 Ultimate. The unique MultiSeg mounting system promises install times of under five minutes, with the only tool required included in the kit. Cryorig backs the R1 Ultimate and included fans with a 3-year warranty.