Thermolab LP53 Low Profile CPU Cooler Review

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You have probably heard the expression “find something you are good at and stick with it”. Incredibly simple advice that makes more sense than most people realize. This piece of common sense applies to design every bit as much as it does to charting a life path. If you design an item that works effectively and efficiently, based on simple principles, there is probably little reason to stray from this type of design. We have seen it over and over again, manufacturers with excellent products going in an ill-advised direction trying to re-invent the wheel when the initial round one works perfectly as is.




I see this effect quite often when new coolers arrive in for testing. On occasion, the changes make sense, and sometimes actually show benefits, but even the changes that seem to make logical sense don’t always pan out. Cooler Master had great performance success using vertical vapor chambers on the TPC812/800, but the follow up pieces using contact vapor chambers didn’t live up to expectations. To date, the old tried and true formulas for success have seen the most of it. When we looked at the Thermolab ITX30 recently, the design was absolutely tried and true, and it was the use of better materials that gave it a huge performance boost, not any type of radical design or gimmick. I am glad to see that Thermolab is staying with this formula for a larger cooler.



Thermolab has a long track record of using the right materials for the best possible results, and the LP53 low-profile cooler certainly follows in that tradition. The Thermolab LP53 uses all copper construction, including contact block, fin array and two 6mm sintered heatpipes to great advantage, offering incredible heat dissipation capabilities in an extremely low profile package. At 53mm in height, the LP53 stands only 8mm taller than the Intel stock cooler while offering significantly increased performance and lower noise in SFF builds. Sitting atop the fin array is a single 80mm PWM fan that runs at 1000-2100rpm with only 27.1 dBA of noise generated. The Thermolab LP53 is made specifically for Intel LGA 1150/1155/1156, and features a simple, ITX friendly mounting system with no component interference on any motherboard.