be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU Cooler Review

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We all know that balancing acts of two seemingly contradictory things are difficult. In the world of CPU cooling that balancing act has always been between noise and performance. Custom loops offer the best of both worlds, but one must be prepared for the costs, maintenance and initial setup. Closed loop coolers have attempted to downscale the concept, but the results are an even further downscale with poor noise/cooling and costs far too high for the performance provided. Air coolers are the old standby, and the best of them still come the closest to achieving the noise/performance ratio that is most desirable, but are also far larger in mass and weight. All have their pros and weaknesses, and with the war for market share we are seeing advances on all fronts.



The Dark Rock Pro 3 from be quiet! is looking to push performance to noise ratio beyond what we have previously seen. Since it is armed with 120mm and 135mm be quiet! Silent Wings PWM fans with all-new six pole motor, the Dark Rock Pro 3 has a great foundation to build on. Using a dual tower design, the Dark Rock Pro 3 is a large cooler and stands at 163mm tall, with the 120mm fan at the front with the 135mm positioned between the towers. The resulting design offers extreme cooling performance with a top noise level of a mere 26.1 dBA. The two towers are comprised of seven copper heatpipes finished with dark nickel, and aluminum fins using a unique dynamic wave-contour design for increased airflow and heat dissipation. Sitting atop the towers is an attractive brushed aluminum nameplate featuring the be quiet! logo and fourteen pipe caps. The easy to install mounting kit makes the Dark Rock Pro 3 compatible with Intel 775/115X/1366/2011, as well as AMD AM2/3 and FM1/2. Be quiet! backs the Dark Rock Pro 3 with a 3-year warranty.