With all of the attention that is thrown on liquid cooling these days, it often feels like air cooling is a forgotten class. But, however it may feel, air cooling is still the predominant cooling method and it is still making strides in development. There are countless numbers of articles and reviews published recently about case fans and fans that are aimed specifically at radiators, but fans developed specifically for CPU air coolers rarely get much press. Given that is what most are using, it is kind of a shame, especially since there have been some very good fans that have come along recently specifically for this purpose.




Unboxing Video Above

It should come as no surprise that air cooling industry leader Phanteks is introducing the new PH-F140HP 140mm fan which is aimed specifically for air coolers. With that in mind, the Phanteks F140HP uses 120mm mounting in order to accommodate most tower coolers currently on the market. Past models of Phanteks 140mm were strictly 3-pin, with PWM adapters included in their cooler kits. However, the F140HP is 600-1300rpm PWM controlled right out of the box using a brushless DC motor for lower resonance and better rotational stability. While the MVB blade design is retained for lower turbulence at higher airflow, the blades have been widened for increased static pressure to 1.64mm H2O and airflow to 88.6 CFM. Noise is still kept to a minimum, with the F140HP producing only 19dBA at full speed. Each corner has small rubber dampers at each contact point to decrease any possibility of vibration noise. The F140HP also incorporates Phanteks’ UFB (Updraft Floating Balance) Bearing which insures long life with an MTBF >150,000 hours, with Phanteks including a 5-year warranty. For added style, the F140HP is available in white, black, red and blue.